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“Looking for more guesting opportunities to share the ripple effect that podcasting has bought to my life.”

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About Me

Welcome to my world!

My podcast journey started in May 2021 and from May until September (with a break in the middle of production, I interviewed up to 50 Startup Founders, Serial Entrepreneurs, Investors, Digital Marketers to show that you can start a podcast and do a fairly decent job at it with a small budget and no podcasting experience. For Black Friday 2021, the podcast acquired its first sponsorship, AppSumo (when my life took a new path and I joined the team to work in Customer Success).

Here is what the CEO of AppSumo, Noah Kagan had to say.

This is my part of my story:

Now, I've refined who I want to help and will be creating more episodes and podcasts to create the impact I want to create. If you want to support me, I dedicate one day a week to guesting on other podcasts and would love to share what I'm working on.

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