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Britney Achin

United States English

“I'm a black, lesbian, entrepreneur, digital nomad, feminist, writer, performer, and social commentator open to all guest opportunities!”

Business Society & Culture Food & Drink Entertainment & Media Lesbian

About Me

Whether you are looking for a radical feminist foil to debate your talking points, an internet bestie to chop it up about pop culture, a LGB perspective, tips on starting a business and learning to thrive, or anything in between, my unique intersectional perspective will be an addition to your programming.

I am a seasoned performing artist, event host, and radio personality that can talk about anything, endlessly, on demand. I specialize in:



Art + Design

Feminism + Politics

Food + Beverage

Black Culture

Lesbian Culture

Media + Entertainment

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Weekends, Weekdays


In-person, Remote



Built in Microphone, Webcam

Profile artwork for Britney Achin
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