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“Podcast and talk radio guest Branch Isole shares informative steps to build frameworks that support career, personal and spiritual growth”

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About Me

Author, poet and storyteller Branch Isole speaks and writes about power of choice to change consequences.

Author of twenty-two books Branch is known worldwide for contemporary short stories revealing emotions and issues often experienced, but not always voiced. He posts a Thought for Today, short stories and articles at; and on YouTube.

Branch graduated from Texas State Univ., did post graduate work at Univ. of Houston, and holds an Oxford MA Theology degree from Trinity Bible College and Seminary.

If your program topic categories are Relationships, Avoiding Adversity, Life-Work Balance, Spiritual Christianity or Religion we are a match. As a guest on 60 different programs, 27 of those were booked through MatchMaker.

Host reviews, previous on-air shows, speaking events, program topics can be found here- I invite your consideration.

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Profile artwork for Branch Isole
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