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“Podcast and talk radio guest Branch Isole shares informative steps to erect frameworks that support career, personal and spiritual growth”

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About Me

Branch Isole shares 'how and why' strength of choice can change consequences. He's known worldwide for his contemporary short stories revealing issues and emotions often experienced, but not always voiced.

He posts a ‘Thought for Today’ here- and different short stories at- Also available on YouTube.

Branch graduated from Texas State Univ. BSEd., did post graduate work at Univ. of Houston, MEd.Adm., and holds an Oxford MA Theology degree from Trinity Bible College and Seminary.

Is your listening audience ready for topics they can identify with and actually use?

Successful Work-Life balance? Let's talk about the '12 Universal Life Lessons.'

Improving Relationships? Let's discuss '7 Steps of Relationship Repair.'

Spiritual Strength? What it is, How to get it, What to do with it!

Why consider one of my program discussions? My topics are about your audience needs, not mine. Not only do we share the ‘How’ but more importantly I discuss the ‘Why’ behind personal, career, and spiritual growth. Compelling discussions evolve from the backstage fundamentals supporting the 'How'. Let me give you examples from two of my topics.

Every person alive experiences situations that introduce or reinforce one of life’s “12 Universal Lessons.” You probably know what these are, but do your listeners? How can we navigate stress, struggle, and conflicts of daily life if we don’t even know why the things happening to us, are occurring?

Life is about relationships. Damage to relationships occur every day in homes and at work. Partners and co-workers in these situations often strive to reconcile or ‘fix’ their broken relationship. But how to do that? There is a “Seven-step Process” of reconciliation to repair damaged relationships. Do your listeners know what these steps are? Do you?

You host a podcast because you wish to share with others, answers for success and avenues of growth. Let me help you achieve your goals. Let’s give your listeners the ‘Why’ as well as the ‘How’. Then the story really will be theirs.

Simply stated, I teach about growth for every listener who hears our episode. If you believe as I do that together we can make a difference in the life of each member of your audience, I invite you to book one of my presentation topics for your upcoming 2022 podcast season.

Before life in as an author my careers were in education, corporate sales/management and small business.

All the best, Branch Isole

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