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“Are you searching for quality content, real takeaways and inspiring conversations?”

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About Me

If you're a podcast host, you know content is your accelerator. Listeners wants to know how to improve their life. That’s why they tune in.

Studies reveal the most popular podcasts consistently have credentialed guests with relatable content and takeaways. Choose from one of these conversational starter topics:

Personal Growth

Improving Relationship Health

Spiritual Christianity

​Life-Work Balance

Bible Prophecy Explained

When your listeners want life changing conversations, one of these content rich topics is a match. Reach out to discover how we can produce an entertaining episode that motivates, inspires, educates, edifies.

These conversations are not about me or my 'back story'. I share ‘how and why’ relationship balance is key for career, personal, or spiritual growth. Whether at work or home, life is about relationships.

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New podcaster or veteran? Limited listenership or large following? Local or global? When you're ready for a back to basics episode, let me work for you to expand your reach and podcast content presence. With background experience in teaching, corporate sales, entrepreneur founder/partner and author of 22 books, I invite your consideration.

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