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“Male-on-male violence is prevalent, but for those men who have the courage to face their trauma, the cycle can be broken. Healing can begin.”

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About Me

I recently published a book entitled "The Peaceful Man: Heal Within Yourself the Personal Effects and Historic Patterns of Male-on-Male Violence".

My purposes for writing this book and the messages that I would like share with your podcast audience include:

  • To bring out of the shadows and into the light how much violence men experience and how traumatized many men are both by having committed violence and by being victimized by violence. The prevalence of male-on-male violence goes far beyond gang members and war veterans.
  • To help men to become aware of how they have been affected by male-on-male violence and their own violence impulses.
  • To introduce to men that there are paths to deep healing after encounters with violence by sharing our stories with a great listener (generally a healing professional), through somatic (body-based) practices and awareness, and via contemplative practices of compassion and forgiveness.
  • To suggest how the lack of respect for men’s bodies by other men and in society creates a cycle of some men not respecting the bodies of any person or thing, whether man, woman, child, animal, or forest.
  • To invite compassion for all of us who have been victims of violence and all of us who have committed violence. (Many, if not most, men are members of one or both of these groups.)
  • To invite men to heal from violence within themselves as a path to healing humanity and creating a more peaceful world for all of us.
  • To call for the end of the glorification of male-on-male violence as a means to not only reduce male-on-male violence but to reduce violence against everyone.

Author/Guest Bio:

Brad has a mission to prevent male-on-male violence and end physical bullying. He authored the book, The Peaceful Man: Heal Within Yourself the Personal Effects and Historic Patterns of Male-on-Male Violence.

In his adolescence, Brad was a victim of physical bullying and became an occasional bully himself. Over the past two decades, he has done a lot of work to heal from the personal impacts of these encounters with violence.

Since 2014, he has been teaching and supporting other men on their healing journeys by facilitating groups and through individual coaching sessions that include body-based healing experiences and contemplative practices. Brad has received extensive training and holds certifications in developmental coaching, somatic practices, group facilitation, and transformative change.

Brad believes that men healing from violence and finding peace within themselves are keys to enabling humanity and all of life on earth to flourish. He wrote The Peaceful Man in service of this vision and as a means of helping men to embark on journeys of healing.

Description of "The Peaceful Man: Heal Within Yourself the Personal Effects and Historic Patterns of Male-on-Male Violence":

Whether you were the victim or the perpetrator of male-on-male violence, it's likely that the experience still affects your everyday life. Haunted by trauma, your past may even be impacting your current relationships as the victim becomes the perpetrator, continuing the cycle of suffering across generations.

In The Peaceful Man, Brad hopes to offer healing support and teachings to a wider audience by helping men like you to:

  1. Achieve greater awareness of your stories of violence and the impact that violence has had upon your life
  2. Use somatic (body-based) healing practices to enable new patterns of awareness, freedom, and ease within yourself
  3. Heal deeply and discover new depths of peacefulness within yourself
  4. Reach a place of forgiveness and compassion for yourself and for others using contemplative practices
  5. Progress on your journey of healing and reach a place of greater knowledge on how to heal

Using the practices in his book, Brad hopes that men like you will be the ones to end the inter-generational patterns of violence among men. Because you can become a hero to future generations by having the courage to face yourself as you begin your journey toward healing today.​

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