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“Motivational Speaker, DEI & Sports Advocate, and Author of: Race Against...Against Race: My Journey of Diversity & Inclusion Through Sports”

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In 1981–1982, Bo-Dean represented Jean Ribault High, his all-Black high school, as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) athlete of the year in football. He started his college football career in 1984 as a walk-on at Cheyney University, the oldest Historically Black College-University (HBCU) in America. He transferred to Villanova University a majority white team and graduated in 1989.

Bo-Dean Sanders’ book Race Against…Against Race is featured in The Big East Conference’s recommended reading list on diversity, equity, and inclusion with historical figures such as MLK Jr., Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, Robin DiAngelo. Bo-Dean is a member of the Delco Press Club, he’s been featured in articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Philadelphia Tribune, Delco Times, Town Talk, Delaware Business Magazine, Out & About Magazine, County Press, Main Line Today and Villanova Magazine. He was formerly the General Manager of Tri-States Sports and worked for Comcast Media while serving three non-profits: United Way, Urban League, and Blue & White Scholarship Foundation. Bo-Dean writes and speaks about diversity and inclusion in sports and the positive impact multiculturalism had on his personal relationships in college. A native of Jacksonville, Fla., Bo-Dean currently resides in Haverford Township, PA. 

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Profile artwork for Bo-Dean Sanders
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