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Bethany Corbin

“Bethany is a women's health innovation attorney dedicated to revolutionizing women's health & inspiring entrepreneurs to harness their fear.”


About Me

As a healthcare innovation and femtech (female health technology) attorney, Bethany Corbin is on a mission to help thought-leading companies revolutionize the global women’s health sector. She is the founder of FemInnovation, which helps founders, clinicians, politicians, and advocates transform and disrupt “standard” care delivery for women’s health through specially tailored legal and educational programs, thought leadership, and advocacy. Bethany provides strategic business and legal advice to entrepreneurs, with a specific interest in helping female founders. She is a recognized leader at the intersection of women’s health, law, and technology, and was named a Top 200 Trailblazing Leader in Women’s Health and Femtech by Women of Wearables. She will also be receiving the 2023 Champion in Healthcare Award at the Global HEaL Conference in July. Her strategic insights have been featured in top new outlets, including Forbes, Fortune, BBC, NPR, Buzzfeed, The Atlantic, VICE, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, and more. Bethany has testified about the importance of data privacy for reproductive health before the Maryland Cybersecurity Council’s Ad Hoc Committee on Consumer Privacy and is an Advisory Board Member for Kisaco Research’s Women’s Health Innovation conference series.

Bethany seamlessly speaks law, policy, tech, and business in a way that is understandable and relatable to novices and experts alike. A prior podcast host even called Bethany a "rare purple unicorn." She regularly introduces audiences to new and innovative women's health products, explores trends in the femtech industry, details data privacy concerns with health technology, and provides critical legal insights to founders seeking to create and scale their businesses in the U.S. Bethany can easily tailor any presentation on women's health innovation or entrepreneurship to your audience. She has appeared on numerous podcasts previously and her episode on the HIT Like a Girl Podcast won a 2022 Power Press Award. 

For hosts looking for motivational topics, Bethany also speaks on how to find purpose through fear. At a routine annual exam, Bethany was diagnosed with large uterine tumors that were crushing some of her organs. She had to journey through the health maze as a patient, research treatment options, and undergo a 7+ hour surgery at Mayo Clinic, with the understanding that her benign tumors will likely recur. Bethany was able to find purpose and resiliency through her fear, which drove her to create her own company, FemInnovation, to help women's health founders who will revolutionize women's healthcare. Bethany understands first-hand the skills needed to push through the darkness and transform fear into purpose and entrepreneurship. She helps others unlock their potential by understanding how to harness their fear.

Credentials: J.D., LL.M., CIPP/US (data privacy certification), certified in healthcare privacy compliance, and certified in healthcare compliance

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Profile artwork for Bethany Corbin
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