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Berenice Millan

Switzerland Spanish, English, Italian

“Empowering Power and Energy Industry Leaders to Redesign Their Career Paths and Maximize Their Potential with Joy and Positivity”

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About Me

I am a Mexican-Swiss International Professional Certified Coach who is following her dreams and accomplishing personal and professional successes.

I am passionate about working with leaders and managers from the power and energy industries to facilitate them re-designing their career paths. I have helped thousands of people stay employable and marketable, and successfully transition to their next chapter. After working for more than 30 years in top corporations like Manpower, Google, Alstom, and General Electric, I understand the challenges of staying competitive and marketable in today's rapidly changing environment.

I love outdoor activities and live in a country that allows me to enjoy nature in a daily basis. I do not do massively sports but "enough" to give me pleasures, keep myself healthy, in shape and joyful.

My core values are freedom, growth mindset, collaboration, integrity.

My driven purpose is the professional & personal development.

I integrate my values, purpose, interests, hobbies, joy, curiosity, creativity and positivity into the lives of the people I work with. My guidance helps and inspires people to rediscover themselves and optimize their potential both, professionally and personally.

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Profile artwork for Berenice Millan
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