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Ayush Prakash

“Enlightening my generation through podcasting, public speaking, and writing.”


About Me

I enjoy exploring the convergence of ethics and artificial intelligence. My mission is to spread awareness of artificial intelligence, automation, and other future technologies to the generation that will be most affected by them.

When I started reading about AI, I thought to myself, “Everyone needs to know about this.” From Facebook to Netflix, Tinder to TikTok, AI changes the way people consume content and even changes what content they consume. But that’s not what people should be concerned about.

Ethical considerations like the worldwide usage of autonomous weapons systems on the physical battlefield or deepfakes on the political battlefield has vast implications on Gen Z. Moreover, automation of jobs will displace hundreds of millions of people with Gen Z at the centre of these disruptions. The biggest problem is that no one is clearly communicating to my generation that they need to be aware of these things.

I aim to solve this through writing, podcasting, and public speaking.

I want to help my generation understand where the world is heading. This is why I wrote the book, AI for Gen Z: Data to Stop Disruption. It explains what Gen Z should expect in a world that AI dominates, and most importantly, how to prepare in a time of total disruption.

I am excited to teach people the many ways the world is changing. I speak at universities teaching bright Gen Z students about the impact of AI privacy, autonomous weapons, and job automation.

I host the Gen Z Diplomat podcast, educating Gen Z about technology, philosophy, and global shifts in the greatest contemporary medium.

I’m always open to new opportunities of engagement and communication. If you have an idea, reach out and lets make the world a better place.

Profile artwork for Ayush Prakash
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