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Angelika Christie

“I am an experienced Podcaster since I have my own podcasts and have appeared on many others. My views are forward-thinking and provocative.”


About Me

Dr. Angelika Christie comes from an over 900 years old German aristocratic family. She moved to the Bahamas 40 years ago where she built 2 successful businesses before following her true calling as a mentor and coach who helps especially women over 50 tap into their brilliance, unrealized elegance, and unique style. Angelika is recognized as a thought leader and trendsetter in personal development and style. She travels much abroad to speak at venues like Harvard Club of Boston, WestPoint, Rockefeller Center, and recently shared the stage with Martha Stewart and other living Legends, at Carnegie Hall.

Angelika’s expertise and personal experience show women how to upgrade their life by learning skills and behaviors that position them into the upper social and economic class. She shows women how to be sophisticated and charismatic.

She helps the gritty woman over 50 to experience meaning and happiness in business and in her personal life by providing the tools and honing her skills to design a better future so that she lives as the unapologetic, untamed, and magnificent woman she is. Angelika is a Naturopathic Doctor, Mentor, Relationship Coach, Speaker, Retreat Leader, best-selling author with 5 books, and Trendsetter in women’s self-development and prosperity. Angelika owns a Podcast Station with BigMediaUSA with 6 channels. She’s a mother of 5 children and 9 grandchildren and lives with her family on Grand Bahama Island, The Bahamas.


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Profile artwork for Angelika Christie
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