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“I'm a former NFL offensive lineman looking to talk about my new NFL Draft book with insider names like Rodgers, Cowher, Favre, Moon, & more!”

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Here is some information about myself and the book!

About the Author:

Andy Phillips is a former offensive lineman at Central Michigan University who went through the NFL Draft process in 2015 before signing with the Green Bay Packers after being a tryout player at rookie camp. On top of being a former player, Andy has a football background that includes being a radio and podcast host, offensive quality control at CMU, blog writing, writing for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and now an author.


Andy's new book, ROUND ZERO: Inside the NFL Draft, gives readers the inside stories and views from the four true angles of the NFL Draft: agents, general managers, coaches, and players. With interviews and stories from eighteen NFL Draft legends, this book will give readers an idea of what really takes place leading up to the NFL Draft. Those incredible stories are from the following:

Agents: Carter Chow, Case Donahue, Leigh Steinberg, & Vincent Taylor

General Managers: Bill Polian & Ron Wolf

Coaches: Bill Cowher, Steve Mariucci, & Mike Singletary

Players: Bennie Blades, Cris Carter, Terrell Davis, Brett Favre, Brad Johnson, Steve Largent, Tony Mandarich, Warren Moon, Aaron Rodgers, & Mike Singletary(2.0)

Blurbs for Covers by: Trent Dilfer, Rich Desrosiers, Dave Heeke, & Ian Rapoport

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Profile artwork for Andy Phillips
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