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Andrew McCorkle

“High energy business owners who have a passion for sharing our story and inspiring others lifelong journey's.”


About Me

Thank you for visiting our page. If we are a good fit for your audience, we would love to come on your podcast and share our experiences. We live in Atlanta and can do in person podcasts, or we have studio quality visuals for Zoom or online podcasts.

We are the founders of The Cork Bros, Andrew McCorkle and Michelangelo Corkrum. We are the founders of an Atlanta based video production company. We are a video production company that creates dynamic, impactful content for businesses, brands and individuals. We believe in the power of storytelling to inspire change and drive results.

We started our journey back in January 2018 when we decided to start a business as restaurant consultants. After many failed attempts at the consulting restaurants we saw a great need for content on social media. We believed in our unique perspective and methods. So we taught ourselves everything about photography and videography and turned it into a successful company that has traveled all over the world creating content.

We have a passion for sharing our story and inspiring others. We have been blessed to work with some amazing companies such as Ford, Wells Fargo, Lauren Hamilton from Love Is Blind, Celebrity Chef Kevin Gillespie, OTE Basketball League, The Braves, Putt Shack & so much more. 


We'd have a deep desire to inspire audiences by telling the unique path we have taken to reach where we are today and sharing how we overcame many challenges to become a successful business.

Thanks for your consideration, we hope to meet with you soon! You can reach us here:

Andrew McCorkle & Michael Corkrum

(470) 877-2367

[email protected]

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Profile artwork for Andrew McCorkle
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