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“High energy, passionate business owners who have overcome many obstacles in route to becoming a successful video production company in ATL!”

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Our names are Andrew and Mike, we are based in Atlanta, GA and we are the founders of The Cork Bros. We started our journey back in January 2018 when we decided to start a business as restaurant consultants. After many failed attempts at the consultant route we saw a need for great content on social media. We believed we could do it better than it was currently being done, so we taught ourselves everything about photography and videography and turned it into a full time business.

We are trailblazing story telling series for social media. This has allowed us to work with some amazing companies, such as Ford, Bar Vegan, Trap Music Museum, The Braves, OTE Basketball League,

We'd love to come inspire your audience by telling our story and sharing how we overcame many challenges to become a successful business.

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