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“Team performance expert. Film Industry veteran. I've seen the good, bad, and ugly of team performance. I love chatting with brilliant hosts”

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About Me

I'm a specialist in Team Performance and Team Training.

I work with CEOs and help them unlock the full potential of their business teams. I do it by turbo-charging the teams' happiness, ownership, and attitude.

I've experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of teams

I spent 18 years in the film industry. I’ve seen big directors crumble because a team was destroying their schedule & vision. I’ve seen other teams help their leaders achieve greatness and win awards. I learned how to become an effective leader of teams, personally leading teams of 5-30.

A unique system for business teams

I’ve combined my unique experiences, with the best ideas about psychology, motivation, and productivity, to create a unique training system (GRO.W.L™ System) that helps leaders and teams thrive.

Listen to some of Andrew's previous interviews:

Here's 15 topic ideas for your show:

  1. Myths of teams motivation and productivity
  2. Why focusing on weaknesses is not a good idea
  3. How to build strong relationships with your team
  4. The key to better team communication
  5. The Monsters of Team Performance
  6. How teams can harness their subconcious
  7. Why Leaders need to live up to their promises
  8. How to get your team onboard with big changes
  9. Blame culture - how to defeat it
  10. Why improving Happiness should be a leader's priority
  11. Team performance the foundation for success
  12. How delegating to your team sets you free
  13. Innovation - how to nurture it in your team
  14. Do teams really need to have fun?
  15. How to stop micromanaging and start leading

Why you'll love having me as a guest...

  1. I love having conversations with the host. I won't go into a 10 minute monologue. I'll share the platform with you and give you a chance to shine on your own podcast (make sense, right?)
  2. I have unique ideas that will be interesting for your audience
  3. I can share practical tips with your audience - so they can take action
  4. I have a pleasant, positive, and engaging talking style (See my previous interviews above)

My background...

I spent 20+ years in the UK film industry before deep diving into marketing & sales (and now coaching) — a dramatic change triggered by the failures of a post-production company he helped to build. This painful experience lit a fire inside Andrew, a blaze that fuelled Andrew's passion for helping enterprises sustain and grow.

My mission — to help independent leaders and their teams grow, work, and live smarter. Why? As a multi-hatted business leader, I learnt the hard way, how easy it is for business leaders to go AWOL and get lost in the business wilderness. I'm here to empower independent leaders and get them back on track so they can finally achieve their dreams.

Team Performance is the main lever that I use to achieve this mission,

Personal interests

I love Yoga, eating spicy food, having fun with my five-year-old boy. I believe that if we spent more time listening to each other, and meditating, the world would be a better place!

My Motto

Have courage, own your future, take action

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