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“I have a therapist , but turned a blind eye to an ex fiancé who abused me, and left me.I have healed and want to share my journey.”

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About Me

Amanda grew up in New Jersey, and went on to Boston to pursue her undergraduate degree in Child Psychology and Development from

Wheelock College. She then received her Psy. D from Suffolk University. Her career began in several mental health facilities for children in Boston, and then she transitioned into becoming an award winning Child Care Director in the private sector. After moving back to New Jersey, she became a Social Worker for a non profit that assisted children diagnosed with cancer and their families. Currently, she is a teacher in a private school and is the owner of her own tele-health business that focuses on child counseling and development. 

Amanda is a proud dog Mom, and enjoys musical theatre and cooking.

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Profile artwork for Amanda Kline
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