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Alvin Hayes

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“While-Black in America, we scream but they ignore us. My Elders stopped screaming and seized the justice they deserved. Let’s talk history!”

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About Me

I write historical fiction books. I am honest, funny, energetic, and knowledgeable. I am also an out of the box thinker. In other words, the answer you are expecting is not the answer you may get.

“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” Your listeners will discover we are experiencing the same events we faced over a century ago in “If Cotton Could Talk.”

Slaves wondering what was going to happen.

Bertha told Tucker, “Tucker, I love you. The war is close, and we are going to be free. I’m going to teach you and the baby to read and write. That’s how we are going to survive.”

Plantation owners wondering what they were going to do.

Big Dan told others, “If we lose the war, we won’t have slaves, but we will never give up our right to continue to exploit them. They were savages when we found them. They will never be the white man’s equal.”

What happens when these two worlds collide? Will the separate and unequal worlds of America ever coexist as equals? Let’s talk about it.

To inquire about receiving a book to review or to schedule a podcast, please contact Alvin at 727-224-9648 or [email protected]

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Profile artwork for Alvin Hayes
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