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Allera Dawn

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“I am known as The Modern Day High Priestess. Spiritual Wellness Expert, Life and Business Coach. Change maker & visionary.”

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About Me

Allera Dawn is known as The Modern Day High Priestess, a business spiritual advisor, multi-dimensional energy healer & coach.

She specializes in empowering individuals to connect deeply into ALL of self to expand their conscious awareness & accelerate their vision for life & business into reality by curating powerful transformational journeys utilizing her groundbreaking Soul Architect Series ™ modality.

Allera brings an unconventional perspective birthed from a lifetime of mastering her spiritual gifts along with training in Clinical Hypnotherapy/Counselling plus insight that can only come from nearly 20 years of personal business experience working in the world of Finance.

Allera launched her own purpose led business in 2017 & has a large Global community. She has transformed the lives of over 4000 women through her transformational work both 121 & in immersions. Her next vision is to bring this work into all areas of society.

Areas that Allera loves to delve into...

  • Soul Awakening
  • The power of being unapologetically yourself in life & business
  • Spiritual wellness in the workplace
  • Intuition as a super power for business success
  • Overwhelm, empaths & boundaries.
  • Trauma informed workplaces
  • Burn out/Great resignation
  • Leaving the 9-5 for soul led life & business
  • Being the pioneer & going first
  • 4 pillars of transformation (Energetic/Soul, Body Consciousness, Mind Re-programming & Aligned Action)
  • Breaking ancestral patterns of trauma & the impact this can have on life, love, relationships & money.
  • Energy hygiene
  • Healing our money story & abundance blocks
  • Creating new templates in all areas of life (role of woman, mother, maiden)
  • Conscious leadership
  • Accessing higher consciousness & switching on psychic/healing abilities
  • Upper limits as an invitation for a spiritual upgrade

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Profile artwork for Allera Dawn
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