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Alice Weiss

“A romance writer of the past, present, and the weird. My stories are filled with heat, humor, and sometimes, just a bit of magic.”


About Me

Hi there. I'm a romance writer who writes in 3 subgenres: naughty historicals, small-town and military contemporary, and paranormal. I've been both traditionally published and self-published, and have been writing professionally since 2016. As a self-published author, I've had to become a jack of all trades: writer, marketer, formatter, bookkeeper, website designer...basically everything a small business owner has to know.

I'm an omnivore when it comes to reading, and that has carried over to my writing with three pen names (and I'm considering a fourth!). I've made the mistake of not focusing on one sub-genre and building up that readership, but have instead split my attention because I have to write what I'm currently in the mood for. It might not make the most business sense, but it keeps me happy.

I love different aspects of each pen name. Alyson Chase writes regency romance, and they are on the darker and steamier side. Now, I definitely don't claim that my books are completely historically accurate, but I do enjoy the research that goes into them and immersing myself in nineteenth century England. I do not enjoy checking the etymology of all my words to check if they were used at the time.

Allyson Charles is my contemporary nom de plume. I turn to this pen name when I'm tired of doing all that research, lol. No need to check if my character can say "balls to the walls" or if that would be an anachronism. (FYI, "balls to the walls" actually dates back to the days of steam engines, which had centrifugal governors that had two ball-like doohickeys that would spin out higher, and closer to the walls, the faster the engine was going.) I did just start publishing a series about Marine Raiders, a special-forces division of our military I'd never heard of until two years ago, so there was research involved in that, but probably not enough. I fear an actual Marine ever reading them and finding any mistakes I've made.

And A. Caprice is where I write any other romance I feel like. Currently, that's just paranormal romance. I have a reverse harem magic academy series published, and will be working on a series of sexy shifters next year.

I publish in ebook format, print on demand, and audio (for some of my books). I've been in and out of Kindle Unlimited. Will be working on translations for foreign markets in 2023. Basically experimenting with my business and seeing what works and what doesn't.

I also follow book Twitter, so if anyone is interested in the latest scandal in YA, or the restrictive tilt publishing has taken vis a vis who is allowed to write what stories, I'm here for it. I'm anti-censorship, and pro authors writing whatever they want, as long as they do it well.

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Profile artwork for Alice Weiss
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