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Alexander Leonard

Canada English, French

“I am a successful entrepreneur based in London, Canada who has a passion for creating videos and painting murals with my company AL Media.”

Marketing Philosophy TV & Film Entrepreneurship Visual Arts

About Me

Alex Leonard is the founder of AL Media, an award-winning creative company that specializes in video production and graphic design for non-profits and social enterprises looking to share their story. 

Alex is a videographer, business owner, graphic novel author, podcast host, public speaker, mural artist, and environmentalist.

He most recently finished a Masters in Environment and Sustainability at Western University and has now continued working in the environmental sector for Project Learning Tree Canada (an initative of Sustainable Forestry Initiative) as his 9 to 5.

As a co-founder of the Pollinator Pathways Project and board member for the London Urban League, he is committed to improving the environment and fighting against climate change. 

Alex can speak on a range of topics like entrepreneurship, sustainability, philosophy, film, music, and much more.

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Profile artwork for Alexander Leonard
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