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A.J. Mizes

“Former HR Leader at Facebook. I help high-achievers land dream jobs in record time & skyrocket team performance through leadership coaching”


About Me

Featured on: NBC, CBS, FOX, International Business Times, Yahoo! News, and more...

I'm a former HR Leader at Facebook turned Career and Executive Coach! I've dedicated my career to creating and supporting powerful leaders, winning careers, and legendary company cultures.

I do this through a powerful combination of Coaching and Consulting, and have spoken on stages across the country on:

*Job searching secrets--how to land an interview in less than 5 weeks...

*Imposter Syndrome

*Team Leadership (Communication, delegation, inspirational leadership, goal setting, mission/values, etc.)

And would be happy to speak to your audience about my leadership experience in big tech, and how it's helped form the leader and coach that I am today!

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Profile artwork for A.J. Mizes
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