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Adam Berke

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“Repeat successful founder and angel investor. Founding Team at AdRoll and co-founder/CEO of WorkPatterns.”

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About Me

I’m currently co-founder and CEO of WorkPatterns and previously was part of the founding team and President/CMO of AdRoll (now NextRoll.)

WorkPatterns is helping to make operational best practices automatic by providing a system for one-on-ones and small group meetings.

At AdRoll, I helped build the company brick by brick from $0 to over $350M in annual revenue and over 700 employees. I played a variety of roles as needed from being hands on to building teams in product, sales, account management, and marketing.

I love solving user/customer problems, anticipating market developments and building highly effective and tight-nit teams.

I also do a bit of angel investing where I have a strong “vibe” with the founder(s) and think I can add value beyond my middling check size.

To recharge, I spend as much time as possible in the water, either surfing or kiteboarding. Favorite spots? OBSF, Asu (Indonesia), Namotu (Fiji), and a few other places that would be inappropriate to mention on the internet.

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