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“An awarded TEDx speaker, community and marketing leader with over a decade and a half of experience.”

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About Me

Ace Mamun is a TEDx speaker, published author, Mensa member, and awarded marketeer. He has over a decade and a half-long experience across creative, lifestyle, communications, publishing, social change, events/experiential, and community leadership and more.

Community: He is the founder of The Socialites, a 100,000 member global social-experiences network and Global Good, an international not-for-profit group driving positive change by supporting key causes such as human rights, sustainability, disease eradication, disability and more. He is also an ambassador and community leader of InterNations, the world's largest expat network with over 2 million members.

Experiential: Ace is also the director in Sydney of The Plus Ones, a global entertainment publication, as well as the co-founder and judge of The Experiential Awards.

Marketing/Comms: Ace leads marketing and communications for Marriott in Sydney, has art directed across multiple publications and campaigns, and has advised or worked on projects for the likes of Unilever, TAFE, Expedia, Habitat for Humanity, Nespresso, Lenovo, as well as innumerable major charities. He has mentored for GroupM, the region's largest agency network and was recognized at the prestigious HM Awards Australia and TAA Awards.

Ace précis his work as the pursuit of excellence in the three Cs - creativity, community, and culture.

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Profile artwork for Ace Mamun
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