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Be part of the conversation

Shows offer intimate conversations around topics people are passionate about. Find the right hosts, audiences and collaborations and join the conversation.

Podcasters and Guests, Finding each other and making sweet conversations

Pitch Your Passions

Create a profile, showcase your expertise, and introduce yourself to shows in your niche.

Grow Your Reach

Promote your stories and reach a wider audience.

Cold emails? Get Booked

No more cold outreach or dreaded email chains. Manage all your communications in-app.
Made For Podcasters

Find your next collaboration

Drive content creation, cross-promotion, and mutual growth by connecting with thought leaders and podcasters in your space.

Find Your Next Guest

Create a profile for yourself and/or your podcast. Showcase yourself to the community!

Grow Your Audience

Join over 60,000 people ready and willing to collaborate for mutual growth and benefits.

Discover Opportunities

Easily find other podcasters open to content collaborations & promo-swaps.
Community Features

Made to Match.

Search & Find

Filter guests and shows by over 100 niches: Business, Comedy, News, etc.


Streamline communication via MatchMaker’s messaging service. With message labels for Pro users.


Add a video pitch to your guest profiles for a more personal introduction.


Automagic recommendations for each of your profiles based on language, location and interests.

Show Collaborations

Find other shows open to Content Collaborations and Ad-Swaps for mutual growth.

Simple Short-listing

Favourite your top profiles for easy access later.


Set a date and go! Send a calendar invite from your scheduling tool of choice. Compatible with any scheduling tool with a public link.



Create a post on our community board and get extra help with your show's goals.

Messenger Apps

Manage your conversations on-the-go with our dedicated mobile app. Available for iOS and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it really free?
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Yes! The Free plan has everything you need to create a profile, get found, and approach potential partners. We want the core of our platform to remain available to anyone, providing opportunities for those either starting out or on a limited budget. When you're ready to access more features and conversations, consider upgrading to one of our paid plans.

What happens if I hit my conversation limit?
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While you’ll still be able to message on existing conversations, you will have to wait until the next refresh period (monthly - based on your sign up date) before you can start any outbound conversations. You can still receive inbound messages and converse on those during this time.

What if I represent multiple people and/or need more guest profiles?
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Check out our agency plan where you can create and manage up to 10 guest profiles, connecting and collaborating with our community on behalf of your people. Find out more

Can I have a show and guest profile?
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Yes! And we actively encourage you to do so. It's a great way for shows to share their experiences and set up potential collaborations.

I have another question!
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Our support team is more than happy to help. Contact us at [email protected]. We are based in the UK and operate between 8am - 5pm GMT. Response times may vary.

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